Growing Coriander in Pots or Containers at Home

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Winter is a time for growing various vegetables as well as salad. Coriander salad is one of the winter vegetables. The English name of it is parsley. It is highly used to make tasty curry for a long time. There has good news for city dwellers, it can be cultivated in containers or pot on the roof at home.

Nutrition of Coriander

Food value is much higher in coriander. It contains calcium, iron, and a lot of carotenes. The facilities of firming are cultivating many times.


Time for sowing

Coriander is winter vegetables. This vegetable does not grow too much during the summer. But it is the end of summer that is to sow the seeds before winter comes.

Sowing seeds

The seed of coriander will grow quickly if you soak it 24 hours in water by wrapped with a cloth. The seed with wide mouth should be selected for coriander. The seed is sown in 3 to 4 cm depth then cover with soil next irrigation should be given. Irrigation is not needed when soil wet.

Next Care

If there are no wet in soil, irrigation should be given every 2 or 1 days. It is noticed that birds cannot eat leaf and ants cannot eat at the time of sowing chlorpyrifos can be sprayed to suppress ants.

Thinning of Trees

It tree becomes more densely, you should make think of this tree by dropping leaf and eat it before becoming bigger.

Coriander Production Method

It can cultivate in all types of soil but sandy loamy is highly suitable. Water facilities should be ensured for cultivation.

Land Preparation

Plough 4 or 6 times and use ladder to make equal according to the soil.

Sowing Seedling

Seed should be wet in water about 24 hours before sowing. If you sprinkle the seeds you will need twice seeds. 4-5 kg seeds are needed for the row system when it is cultivated with another crop mixing.

Fertilizer Apply Method

  • 150-300 kg urea
  • 100-200 kg TSP
  • 80-100 kg MOP
  • and 7-10 ton cow dung are applied per hector for cultivation in that soil which has some fertile.

Half cow dung, full TSP, and half MOP are applied at the time of land making. The rest half cow dung is given in scaffold before one week of sowing seedling.

Then irrigation should be given. Urea and the rest half MOP are applied in 3 installments. The first installment is 8-10 days after planting and the rest manure is given 30-35 days after planting seedling.

Transitional Care

After growing 10-15 day seedling for leaf cultivation, one seedling is kept in every 5 cm per row for seed cultivation. One seedling is kept in every 10 cm per row. Weeding out with hoe and soil should be loose. The roots of trees get a lot of light and air by breaking creak immediately after coming dry by irrigation. So the growth rate easily raises it cannot tolerate water. So you should be managed to remove additional water or rainwater in 2-3 days.


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